An accomplished Director of Photography (LA local600). Burns has extensive experience working with international directors and crews. He has a deserved reputation for working creatively but quickly, squeezing the maximum visual impact from any budget while being careful to try and satisfy the director's vision.​..
Born in Yorkshire England, Tony attended Kitson College, graduating with a BA in Photography. First working as an advertising photo assistant then moving on to shoot as a 'stringer' for a local TV news department.
Eventually he secured a position as a film camera asst at the BBC.

During his stint at the BBC he was involved copious projects and absorbed the 'MacGuyver-like' attitude that prevailed at the BBC  

In 1998 Tony moved to NYC armed with a visa and the new title of "DP," spent the next two years shooting for various production and network TV companies until in 2002, when he co-founded a production company called Headfirst. The outfit specialized in creating television promos and for the Discovery and Sci-Fi Channels, and also campaigns for agencies like Fallon, FCB, Euro RSCG, Wieden and Kennedy, and Publicis.

Despite Headfirst's initial success, Tony couldn't deny his ever-increasingly itchy eye, and he returned to the camera in 2005, vowing never to leave again.

Since, he's shot a number of projects for Fox Searchlight, campaigns for the likes of Evian, L'oreal a series of spots for the Sundance film festival featuring Robert Redford, Steven Soderberg, Paul Tomas Anderson. Promos for "Orange is the New Black" (Netflix Original Show), "CopDoc," an award winning TV comedy series, Celebrity fashion and food spots for Conde Nast.

More recently (2019) he lensed a feature "Bride In The Box" Shot on location in Maine / NYC directed by Doug Bost, a Honda car spot and a short film "Head Shoulders Knees & Toes" directed by Eric Gross