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Tony is an award-winning Director of Photography with extensive experience working with outstanding filmmakers. He has a global reputation for consistently achieving the maximum visual impact, supporting the narrative and the director's vision, working creatively and quickly. 

A Black Cinematographer, Tony specializes in lighting and photographing diverse skin tones. Committed to innovation, he is well versed in the world of Virtual Production (LED and Green Screen).


Born in Yorkshire, England, Burns earned his BA in Photography from Kitson College. He got his start in the industry as an AC on commercials, music videos and TV shows with the BBC in London. This invaluable experience led him to freelance as a DP for production companies and broadcasters before relocating to NYC in 2000. He is currently NY/LA based ICG Local 600.   LA BASED ICG LOCAL 600


Tony has worked with clients such as Apple, Netflix, Searchlight, 20th Century, Conde Nast, Vogue, Bon Appetit, Loreal, California Lottery and Madison Square Garden just to name a few.


Noteworthy and recent projects include:

Apple Studios:

12 ANGRY MEN AND WOMEN Directed by Kenny Leon

WE WERE ALWAYS FREE Directed by Michelle Shay   

DOES YOUR HOUSE HAVE LYONS? Directed by Indira Etwaroo

JUNETEENTH Directed by Indira Etwaroo

STOP ASIAN HATE Directed by Huan


Feature and Short Films:

BRIDE IN THE BOX - Feature shot on location in Maine/NYC and directed by Doug Bost

HEAD SHOULDERS KNEES AND TOES Short directed by Eric Gross

SLAY RIDE Paramount+  Live TV Studio Show directed by Roger Melvin

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